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The ATS systems were consistently at the Top.
This performance is based on actual trading of customer's accounts.

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Testimonial: Let the Systems Pay for Themselves.
Tue, June 18, 2013

Dear Mr. Tanti,

I opened my account to trade your two ATS programs in early June 2012, just about exactly one year ago.

I got my account opened just a few days after your ATS-3200 system entered the market long. I decided (big mistake) that I should not chase the trade but just wait for a new signal.

Well the trade, if I remember correctly, ran for a long time and ended up closing with a $7,000 or so profit. I missed it.

However after trading your T-Notes system until 12-31-2012 and the ATS-3200 system that for the rest of 2012, I cleared $2185. Then for 2013 for 5 months I have cleared $2,285, plus just a few days ago on June 10, 2013 we closed a ATS-6400 trade for another $1,398 profit. So for the 12 month period I have cleared over $5,800, and missed by just a few days another $7,000. Which would have given me almost $13,000.

With the market being so mixed up this year I'm happy with that, but am expecting to see us closer to the $20,000 mark soon.

I might just add that Mr. Tanti has been excellent support. Whenever I have had a question my emails have been usually answered the same day within just a few hours. I watched the ATS systems through Futures Truth for several years. It is a consistent income producer. I am trading it using IRA funds.

Thank You.
JB - Pewee Valley, KY

Update: Fri, August 16, 2013 from JB - Pewee Valley, KY.

Hello Mr. Tanti,

What a wonderful Trade that was, and yes I am delighted to be able to send you that final payment. We cleared enough on this trade to pay for the whole system. In fact I mailed it to you this afternoon.......

As for this last trade we sold short the bonds on 5-28-13 at 142-14 and then closed on 8-12-13 at 134-17 for a gain of $7,914.06. Thank you.